Other Services

Corrosion Control

We work with the very latest in anti-corrosion technology, originally designed to combat corrosion in harsh offshore environments, to prevent damage caused by corrosion and therefore extend the life of your paint finish.

We can also use products to protect electricals and combat corrosion in hard to reach areas using vapour technology.


Vast improvements have been made in the last few years in bare wood highbuild products, making huge savings in application & drying time.

Our technicians are experts at achieving the perfect finish whether you require gloss, matt or satin finish. We also offer spray varnish application.


As an alternative to traditional antifouling, which not only requires redoing every year to 18 months but is also controversial nowadays in that it poses an extreme hazard to the environment due to biocides, We are able to offer Biocide Free Foul-Release Technology, which has been used successfully for many years in the commercial market but which has only recently become available to the yachting industry.

The product not only lasts up to 5 years before requiring renewal but it is environmentally friendly, biocide free, reduces engine load and improves fuel consumption and speed.

Gelcoat Repairs & Polishing

We can provide GRP repairs and polishing with products using the very latest technologies to restore and extend the life of your paint finish.

Engine Room

When it comes to refinishing in the engine room environment, special considerations need to be taken into account such as temperature and safety aspects when application needs to take place in a volatile, working environment.

We have a wealth of experience in engine room refinishing and work closely with the vessel’s crew to ensure a pristine finish with strict safety controls and the minimum of disruption.

Paint Inspection

Topcoat Yacht Painting work closely with the paint inspector to ensure that the application fully meets the manufacturer’s guidelines for a lasting, warranty backed finish.


Substrate repairs & fairing.